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WCC is very well known for their consistent quality and timely supplies of ACTIVATED CARBON to various industries since last 3 decades.We have already been catering the requirements of most of the consumers like Chemicals, Solvent Extraction, Bulk Drugs, Dyes Intermediates, Metal Refining and Water Purification Industries and Effluent Treatment Plants, all over India and exported to many Asian,  Gulf and European countries.

Powdered Acid Washed Activated Carbon, manufactured out of our experienced proficiency, ensures effective, unhampered and prolonged applications. It is mainly used in the De- Contamination of food, water purification, beverages, and pharmaceutical applications. Acid Washed Activated Carbon is also prominently used for aqua applications like swimming pool purification, etc. 

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Powdered Acid Washed Activated Carbon    

Powdered Unwashed Activated Carbon offered by us is an effective De-odouriser, De-Colouriser and holds excellent purification characteristics. Every product of ours is manufactured under strict supervision of our skilled and experienced experts and controlled atmospheric conditions.

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Powdered Unwashed
Activated Carbon

Granular Activated Carbon accelerates the removal of low molecular weight organics. Lowest possible Ash content, larger surface area and higher retention rate makes it the best suite for De-chlorination, De-Toxication, and waste water purification.

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Granular Activated Carbon  

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