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Company Profile
Western Carbon & Chemicals is an established name in International Market. We, at WCC, with our Pro-active approach in Activated Carbon Reformation, have been a prominent manufacturer and supplier to various Asian, European, Middle East as well as Far East Countries.
Consistent Quality and Timely Supplies of Activated Carbon to our Customers is the “Key to Success” of our Organization.
Qualified Staff, Vigilant Quality Control and Strict Incorporation of Indian/ASTM/BSS Standards has helped us maintain our position in today’s competitive market scenario. Quality being our motto, every batch of Activated Carbon is thoroughly and sternly tested for best results and persistent customer satisfaction before supply.
In lieu of our social responsibilities, we at WCC are an amalgamation of Human Morale with Modern Technology. Utilizing our Product knowledge, Technical Expertise and Customer Oriented Approach to its best, we look forward to establishing a Safe, Healthy and Contaminant Free environment by our High Quality Grades of Activated Carbon Products.

Our mission is “Best Fit” a product for any job. Over the years WCC has developed many grades of Activated Carbon through Rigorous R&D, Product Upgradation and Satisfactory Services for our supply . 

Service to Customers - Our First Priority

Clean Air, Pure Water, Green Earth’– De-Toxication of Air and Gases, Water, Chemicals and Metals is our prime interest. We at WCC Develop,
Innovate and Improvise latest techniques to achieve the goals and mission of our Organization.

At WCC, Customer satisfaction is our prime focus. We understand that Customer is the King in any business. So, our team of Technical Experts and Customer Service Specialists are focused on ensuring the complete product quality and service satisfaction to our customers with the least delay in and after supply of material.

WCC offers a full range of Activated Carbon services including System Design, Carbon Reactivation, Bulk Delivery and Change-Out, Carbon Evaluation, as well as Technical Service and Support to help our customers meet their specific purification needs in a cost effective manner.

We assure our customers for consistent quality and timely supplies to their entire Satisfaction. We firmly believe that the no Organization can survive without Improvising itself to the varying Customer Demands and the changing times.


We are currently available for work. Please, contact us for a quote at mail@westerncarbon.comFollow us on :